The attached videos shall provide you with an in-sight into the effective utilization of the equipment and  the manufacturing process of the equipment !
Facial Tissue Machines

We can supply 10-30 TPD, Facial Tissue & Towel Lines, from our principals in China !

Technical Specs:

Product: Toilet, Facial, Napkin Tissue

Basis Weight : 13-30 gsm

Raw Material: Virgin Wood Pulp ( NBKP/ LBKP), Straw Pulp, De-inking Pulp

Creping Ratio: 15-30 %

Machine Face Length : 1092-3200 mm

Drum Pulper

Used for continuously breaking and screening waste paper at high consistency. 


Breaking Consistency at 16-20%, in front area.

Screening Consistency at 3-5%, in the back area.

As no cutting forces are in fiber separation process, the contaminants such as plastics, in post operation process are minimal.

Compared to traditional Hydra-pulper, savings to the tune of 50% in electricity, 10% in Chemicals & 60% in Steam Consumption, is there ! 

Sealed Flotation De-inking Cell

We can supply the Sealed Flotation De-inking Cell from our principals in China. It may be 5- Stage followed by 3-Stage Cell or maybe Single 5-Stage or 3-Stage, depending upon the brightness, to be achieved.

Procedure :

The Air is added through special canisters containing auto-clean injectors, which are separate from Flotation Cell's body. If required, this permits the system to adjust the quality of air added. Moreover, the air bubbles adhere much better to the ink particles, to be removed, due to special mixing chamber. The auto-clean injectors will not plug !

The Reject dis-charge is achieved through slight over-pressure, this is adjustable and can be controlled with-out fiber being carried away with the foam. Losses & quality can also be optimized. In fact, for the same losses, the flotation De-inking Cell can yield 1-1.5 degree, higher brightness !